A Fine Sauce, or Purée of Vegetable Marrow


  • Vegetable marrow, 1 lb.
  • mild onion, 1 oz.
  • strong broth or pale gravy, 1 pint: nearly or quite 1 hour.
  • Pepper or cayenne, and salt as needed
  • good cream, from ¼ to ¾ of pint.
  • For purée, ½ lb.
  • more of marrow.


Pare one or two half-grown marrows and cut out all the seeds; take a pound of the vegetable, and slice it, with one ounce of mild onion, into a pint of strong veal broth or of pale gravy; stew them very softly for nearly or quite an hour; add salt and cayenne, or white pepper, when they are nearly done; press the whole through a fine and delicately clean hair-sieve; heat it afresh, and stir to it when it boils about the third of a pint of rich cream. Serve it with boiled chickens, stewed or boiled veal, lamb cutlets, or any other delicate meat. When to be served as a purée, an additional half-pound of the vegetable must be used; and it should be dished with small fried sippets round it. For a maigre dish, stew the marrow and onion quite tender in butter, and dilute them with half boiling water and half cream.