Olive Sauce


  • Olives, stoned, 6 oz.
  • Rich gravy, 1 pint: 15 to 25 minutes.
  • Juice, ½ lemon.


Remove the stones from some fine French or Italian olives by paring the fruit close to them, round and round in the form of a corkscrew: they will then resume their original shape when done. Weigh six ounces thus prepared, throw them into boiling water, let them blanch for five minutes; then drain, and throw them into cold water, and leave them in it from half an hour to an hour, proportioning the time to their saltness; drain them well, and stew them gently from fifteen to twenty-five minutes in a pint of very rich brown gravy or Espagnole; add the juice of half a lemon, and serve the sauce very hot. Half this quantity will be sufficient for a small party.

Obs.—In France this sauce is served very commonly with ducks, and sometimes with beef-steaks, and with stewed fowl.