White Chestnut Sauce


  • Chestnuts without their rinds, 6 oz.
  • Veal gravy, ¾ pint
  • rind of ½ lemon: 1 ¼ hour.
  • Salt
  • spice
  • cream, 6 tablespoonsful.


Strip the outer rind from six ounces of sound sweet chestnuts, then throw them into boiling water, and let them simmer for two or three minutes, when the second skin will easily peel off. Add to them three quarters of a pint of good cold veal gravy, and a few strips of lemon rind, and let them stew gently for an hour and a quarter. Press them, with the gravy, through a hair-sieve reversed and placed over a deep dish or pan, as they are much more easily rubbed through thus than in the usual way: a wooden spoon should be used in preference to any other for the process. Add a little cayenne and mace, some salt if needed, and about six tablespoonsful of rich cream. Keep the sauce stirred until it boils, and serve it immediately.

Obs.—This sauce may be served with turkey, with fowls, or with stewed veal-cutlets.