Fine Horseradish Sauce

To serve with cold, roast, stewed, or boiled beef


  • Horseradish, 2 heaped tablespoonsful
  • salt, 1 moderate teaspoonful
  • Rich cream, 4 tablespoonsful
  • good vinegar, 3 dessertspoonsful (of which one may be chili vinegar when the root is mild.)


The root for this excellent sauce should be young and tender, and grated down on a very fine bright grater, quite to a pulp, after it has been washed, wiped, and scraped free from the outer skin. We have given the proportions, but repeat them here.

When the other ingredients are smoothly mingled, the vinegar must be stirred briskly to them in very small portions. A few drops of garlic or shalot vinegar can be added to them when it is liked.