Walnut Catsup


1st Recipe

  • Expressed Juice of walnuts, 1 quart
  • anchovies, 6 oz.
  • eschalots, 4 oz.
  • black pepper, ½ oz.
  • cloves, ¼ oz.
  • mace, 1 drachm 1 hour.
  • 2nd. Walnuts, 100
  • salt, ½ lb.
  • vinegar, 1 quart: to stand till black.
  • strong beer, 1 quart
  • anchovies, ½ lb.
  • 1 head garlic; nutmegs, ½ oz.
  • cloves, ½ oz.
  • black pepper, ½ oz.
  • mace, 2 drachms. ½ hour.


The vinegar in which walnuts have been pickled, when they have remained in it a year, will generally answer all the purposes for which this catsup is required, particularly if it be drained from them and boiled for a few minutes, with a little additional spice, and a few cachalots; but where the vinegar is objected to, it may be made either by boiling the expressed juice of young walnuts for an hour, with six ounces of fine anchovies, four ounces of eschalots, half an ounce of black pepper, a quarter of an ounce of cloves, and a drachm of mace, to every quart; or as follows:—

Pound in a mortar a hundred young walnuts, strewing amongst them as they are done half a pound of salt; then pour to them a quart of strong vinegar, and let them stand until they have become quite black, keeping them stirred three or four times a day; next add a quart of strong old beer, and boil the whole together for ten minutes; strain it, and let it remain until the next day; then pour it off clear from the sediment, add to it half a pound of anchovies, one large head of garlic bruised, half an ounce of nutmegs bruised, the same quantity of doves and black pepper, and two drachms of mace: boil these together for half an hour, and the following day bottle and cork the catsup well. It will keep for a dozen years. Many persons add to it, before it is boiled, a bottle of port wine; and others recommend a large bunch of sweet herbs to be put in with the spice.