No. 18. Forcemeat for Raised and Other Cold Pies


  • Sausage-meat, well seasoned. Or: veal, 1 lb.
  • pork-fat, 1 Β½ lb.
  • salt, 1 oz.
  • pepper, ΒΌ to Β½ oz.
  • fine herbs, spice, &c., as in forcemeat No. 1, or sausage-meat. Or: veal and bacon, equal weight, seasoned in the same way.


The very finest sausage-meat highly seasoned, and made with an equal proportion of fat and lean, is an exceedingly good forcemeat for veal, chicken, rabbit, and some few other pies; savoury herbs mince small may be added to heighten its flavour if it be intended for immediate eating; but it will not then remain good quite so long, unless they should have been previously dried. To prevent its being too dry, two or three spoonsful of cold water should be mixed with: before it is put into the pie. One pound of lean veal to one and quarter of the pork-fat is sometimes used, and smoothly pounds with a high seasoning of spices, herbs, and eschalots, or garlic; but we cannot recommend the introduction of these last into pies unless they are especially ordered: mushrooms or truffles may be mixed with any kind of forcemeat with far better effect. Equal parts of veal and fat bacon, will also make a good forcemeat for pies, if chopped finely, and well spiced.