Welsh Stew


  • Beef and water as above: 1 hour.
  • Leeks, 20 to 30 or small onions, 24
  • young turnips, 6
  • small lump of sugar
  • white pepper, nearly ⅓ teaspoon
  • salt, twice as much: 1 ¼ to l ½ hour.


Take the same proportions of beef, and of broth or water, as for the German Stew. When they have simmered gently for an hour, add the white part of from twenty to thirty leeks, or two dozens of button onions, and five or six young mild turnips, cut in slices, a small lump of white sugar, nearly half a teaspoonful of white pepper, and more than twice as much salt. Stew the whole softly from an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half, after the vegetables are added.