To Salt and Boil a Round of Beef


  • Beef, 20 lbs.
  • coarse sugar, ½ lb.
  • saltpetre, 1 oz.: 2 days.
  • Salt, ¾ lb.: 21 days. Boil 5 hours, or more.


Mix an ounce of saltpetre, finely powdered, with half a pound of very coarse sugar, and rub the beef thoroughly with them; in two days add three quarters of a pound of common salt, well dried and beaten; turn and rub the meat well in every part with the pickle for three weeks, when it will be fit to dress. Just wash off the salt, and skewer the beef as round and as even as possible; bind it tightly with broad tape, cover it with cold water, place it over a rather brisk fire, and after it boils draw it to the side of the stove and let it simmer gently for at least five hours. Carrots, mashed turnips, or cabbages, are usually served with boiled beef; and horse-radish stewed for ten minutes in equal parts of vinegar and water, then pressed well from them, and mixed with some rich melted butter, is a good sauce for it.

Obs.—Beef cured by this receipt if properly boiled, is tender, of good colour and flavour, and not over salt. The rump, edge-bone, and brisket may be salted, or pickled in the same way as the round