Collared Beef

Another way

Boiled 3⅓ hours.


  • Thin flank, 6 to 7 lbs.
  • bay salt, and common salt, each 4 oz.
  • saltpetre, ½ oz.
  • pepper, ⅓ oz.: 4 days.
  • Treacle, 7 oz.: 8 to 10 days.


Mix half an ounce of saltpetre with the same quantity of pepper, four ounces of bay salt, and four of common salt; with these rub well from six to seven pounds of the thin flank, and in four days add seven ounces of treacle; turn the beef daily in the pickle for a week or more; dip it into water, bone it and skin the inside, roll and bind it up very tightly, lay it into cold water, and boil it for three hours and a half. We have found beef dressed by this receipt extremely good: herbs can, of course, be added to it as usual. Spices and juniper beries would to many tastes improve it, but we give the receipt simply as we have been accustomed to have it used.