Spiced Round of Beef

Very highly flavoured

Baked 5 to 6 hours.


  • Beef, 20 to 25 lbs. weight
  • sugar, 3 oz.: 2 days.
  • Saltpetre, 2 oz.
  • common salt, ¾ lb.
  • black pepper, 4 oz.
  • allspice, 3 oz.
  • juniper-berries, 4 oz.: 21 days.


Rub the beef well in every part with half a pound of coarse brown sugar, and let it remain two days; then reduce to powder, and mix thoroughly before they are applied to the meat, two ounces of saltpetre, three quarters of a pound of common salt, a quarter of a pound of black pepper, three ounces of allspice, and four of bruised juniper-berries. Rub these ingredients strongly and equally over the joint, and do so daily for three weeks, turning it at the same time. Just wash off the spice, and put the beef into a tin, or covered earthen pan as nearly of its size as possible, with a cup of water or gravy; cover the top thickly with chopped beef-suet, and lay a coarse thick crust over the pan; place the cover on it, and bake the meat from five to six hours in a moderate oven, which should not, however, be sufficiently fierce to harden the outside of the joint, which, if properly managed will be exceedingly tender. Let it cool in the pan; and clear off the suet before it is dished. It is to be served cold, and will remain good for a fortnight

Obs.—We have not ourselves tested this receipt, but the meat cured by it has received such high commendation from several of our friends who have partaken of it frequently, that we think we may safely insert it without. The proportion of allspice appears to us more than would be agreeable to many tastes, and we would rather recommend that part of it should be omitted, and that a portion of nutmeg, mace, and cloves, should be substituted for it; as we have found these spices to answer well in the following receipt.