Neck of Veal a la Créme

Or au Béchamel

2 to 2¼ hours.


Take the best end of a neck of white and Well-fed veal, detach the flesh from the ends of the bones, cut them sufficiently short to give the joint a good square form, fold and skewer the skin over them, wrap a buttered paper round the meat, lay it at a moderate distance from a clear Are, and keep it well basted with butter for an hour and a quarter; then remove the paper and continue the basting with a pint, or more, of béchamel or of rich white sauce, until the veal is sufficiently roasted, and well encrusted with it. Serve some béchamel under it in the dish, and send it very hot to table. For variety, give the béchamel in making it a high flavour of mushrooms, and add some small buttons stewed very white and tender, to the portion reserved for saucing the joint.