Calf’s Liver Stoved, or Stewed

Liver, 3 to 4lbs.: 2 to 3 hours.


From three to four pounds of the best part of the liver will be sufficient for a dish of moderate size. First lard it quite through by the directions, with large lardoons, rolled in a seasoning of spice, and of savoury herbs very finely minced; then lay it into stewpan or saucepan just fitted to its size, and pour in about half pint of broth or gravy; heat it very gently, and throw in, when it begins to simmer, a sliced carrot, a small onion cut in two, a small bunch of parsley, and a blade of mace; stew the liver as softly as possible over a very slow fire from two hours and a half to three hour; thicken the gravy with a little brown roux, or with a dessertspoonful of browned flour; add a couple of glasses of white wine, and a little spice if needed, and serve it very hot, after having taken out the herbs and vegetable.

The liver may be stewed without being larded; it may likewise be browned all over in a carefully made roux, before the gravy is ponied to it: this must then be made to boil, and be added in small portions, the stewpan being well shaken round as each is thrown in. The wine can be altogether omitted; or a wineglassful of port mixed with a little lemon-juice, may take the place of sherry. After the liver has been wiped very dry, minced herbs may be strewed thickly over it before it is laid into the stewpan; and it may be served in its own gravy, or with a sauce piquante.