Blanquette of Veal or Lamb, with Mushrooms (Entrée)


  • cold veal, ¾ lb.
  • mushrooms, ¼ to ½ pint
  • stewed in oz.
  • batter, 12 to 15 minutes.
  • Sauce tournée, or thickened Veal gravy, 1 pint
  • Yolks of eggs, 4
  • lemon-juice, 1 tablespoonful.


Slice very thin the white part of some cold veal, divide and trim it into scallops not larger than a shilling, and lay it into a clean saucepan or stewpan. Wipe with a bit of new flannel and a few grains of salt, from a quarter to half a pint of mushroom-buttons, and slice them into a little butter which just begins to simmer; stew them in it from twelve to fifteen minutes, without allowing them to take the slightest colour; then lift them out and lay them on the veal. Four boiling to them a pint of sauce tournée; let the blanquette remain near, but not close to the fire for a while; bring it nearer, heat it slowly, and when it is on the point of boiling mix a spoonful or two of the sauce from it with the well beaten yolks of four fresh eggs; stir them to the remainder; add the strained juice of half a small lemon; shake the saucepan above the fire until the sauce is just set, and serve the blanquette instantly.

Obs.—Any white meat may be served en blanquette. The mushrooms are not indispensable for it, but they are always a great improvement. White sauce substituted for the thickened veal gravy will at once convert this dish into an inexpensive English fricassee. Mace, salt, and cayenne, must be added to either preparation, should it require seasoning.