To Broil Mutton Cutlets (Entrée)

Lightly broiled, 7 to 8 minutes. Well done, 10 minutes.


These may be taken from the loin, or the best end of the neck, but the former are generally preferred. Trim off a portion of the fat, or the whole of it, unless it be liked; pepper the cutlets, heat the gridiron, rub it with a bit of the mutton suet, broil them over a brisk fire, and turn them often until they are done; this, for the generality of eaters, will be in about eight minutes, if they are not more than half an inch thick, which they should not be. French cooks season them with pepper and salt, and brush them lightly with dissolved butter or oil, before they are laid to the fire, and we have found the cutlets so managed extremely good.

Obs.—A cold Maitre d’Hotel sauce may be laid under the cutlets when they are dished; or they may be served quite dry, or with brown gravy; or with good melted butter seasoned with mushroom catsup, cayenne, and chili vinegar or lemon-juice.