To Roast a Fore Quarter of Lamb


This should be laid to a clear brisk fire, and carefully and plentifully basted from the time of its becoming warm until it is ready for table; but though it requires quick roasting, it must never be placed sufficiently near the fire to endanger the fat, which is very to catch or burn. When the joint is served, the shoulder should be separated from the ribs with a sharp knife; and a small slice of fresh butter, a little cayenne, and a squeeze of lemon juice should be laid between them; if the cook be an expert carver, this had better be done before the lamb is sent to table. The cold Maître d’Hotel sauce. may be substituted for the usual ingredients, the parsley being omitted or not, according to the taste. Serve good mint sauce, and a fresh salad with this roast.

A leg, shoulder, or loin of lamb should be cooked by the same directions as the quarter, a difference only being made in the time allowed for each.

Fore quarter of lamb, 1¾ to 2 hours. Leg, 1½ hour (less if very small); shoulder, 1 to 1¼ hour.

Obs.—The time will vary a little, of course, from the difference in the weather, and in the strength of the fire. Lamb should always be well roasted.