To Pickle Cheeks of Bacon and Hams

4 to 5 weeks


  • To each 14 lbs.
  • of Pork, salt, 1 lb.
  • coarse sugar, 1 lb.
  • saltpetre, 1 oz.
  • pepper (if used), 1 oz.


One pound of common salt, one pound of the coarsest sugar, and one ounce of saltpetre, in fine powder, to each stone (fourteen pounds) of the meat will answer this purpose extremely well. An ounce of black pepper can be added, if liked, and when less sugar is preferred, the proportion can be diminished one half, and the quantity of salt as much increased. Bacon also may be cured by this receipt, or by the Bordyke one for hams. A month is sufficient time for the salting, unless the pork be very large, when five weeks must be allowed for a ham. The ingredients should be well mixed, and all applied at the same time.