Bordyke Receipt


  • Ham, 14 lbs.
  • saltpetre, 1 oz.;
  • coarse sugar, 3 oz.: 8 to 12 hours.
  • Bay-salt, ½ lb.
  • common salt, 4 oz.: 4 days.
  • Treacle, 1 lb.:1 month.
  • To heighten flavour, black pepper, 1 oz.
  • juniper-berries, 3 oz.


After the hams have been rubbed with salt, and well drained from the brine, according to our previous directions, take, for each fourteen pounds weight of the pork, one ounce of saltpetre in fine powder mixed with three ounces of very brown sugar; rub the meat in every part with these, and let it remain some hours, then cover it well with eight ounces of bay-salt, dried and pounded, and mixed with four ounces of common salt: in four days add one pound of treacle, and keep the hams turned daily, and well basted with the pickle for a month. Hang them up to drain for a night, fold them in brown paper, and send them to be smoked for a month. An ounce of ground black pepper is often mixed with the saltpetre in this receipt, and three ounces of bruised juniper-berries are rubbed on to the meat before the salt is added, when hams of a very high flavour are desired.