Italian Pork Cheese

1 to 1½ hour.


  • Lean of Pork, 1 lb.
  • fat, 2 lbs.
  • salt, 3 teaspoonsful
  • pepper, teaspoon
  • mace, ½ teaspoon
  • nutmeg, 1 small
  • mixed herbs, 1 large tablespoonful


Chop, not very fine, one pound of lean pork with two pounds of the inside fat; strew over, and mix thoroughly with them three teaspoonsful of salt, nearly half as much pepper, half-tablespoonful of mixed parsley, thyme, and sage (and sweet-basil, if it can be procured), all minced extremely small. Press the meat closely and evenly into a shallow tin,—such as are used for Yorkshire puddings will answer well,—and bake it in a very gentle oven from an hour to an hour and a half: it is served cold in slices. Should the pro-portion of fat be considered too much, it can be diminished on a second trial.

Minced mushrooms or truffles may be added with very good effect to all meat-cakes, or compositions of this kind.