Excellent Sausages

fried in cakes, 10 minutes.


  • Lean of veal and Pork, of each 1 lb. 4 oz.
  • fat of Pork, 1 lb. 4 oz.:
  • salt, oz.
  • pepper, ½ oz.
  • nutmeg, 1
  • mace, 1 large teaspoonful


Chop, first separately, and then together, one pound and a quarter of veal, perfectly free from fat, skin, and sinew, with an equal weight of lean pork, and of the inside fat of the pig. Mix well, and strew over the meat an ounce and a quarter of salt, half an ounce of pepper, one nutmeg grated, and a large teaspoonful of pounded mace Turn, and chop the sausages until they are equally seasoned throughout, and tolerably fine; press them into a clean pan, and keep them in a very cool place. Form them, when wanted for table, into cakes something less than an inch thick; and flour and fry them then for about ten minutes in a little butter, or roast them in a Dutch or American oven.