To Roast a Turkey Poult


[The turkey-poult is in season whenever it is of sufficient size to serve. In the earlier spring months it is very high in price, but in summer, and as the autumn advances, may be had at a more reasonable cost. The great demand for turkeys in England towards Christmas, and the care which they require in being reared, causes them to be brought much less abundantly into the markets when young, than they are in foreign countries; in many of which they are very plentiful and very cheap.]

A turkey-poult or half grown turkey, makes a delicate roast, which some persons much prefer to the full-grown bird. It is served with the head on, but is generally in other respects trussed like a capon or a large fowl, except for fashionable tables, for which it is sometimes arranged with the legs twisted back at the first joint, and the feet brought close to the thighs in the same manner as those of a woodcock. It should be well basted with good butter, and will require from an hour to an hour and a quarter’s roasting. If for the second course, it may be dished on water-cresses: pour a little gravy round it in the dish, and send more to table with it in a tureen.