Stewed Hare


  • Hare, 1
  • lean of ham or bacon, 4 to 6 oz.
  • butter, 2 oz.;
  • gravy, 1½ pint
  • lemon-rind: 1 hour and 20 to 50 minutes.
  • Rice-flour, 1 large dessertspoonful
  • mushroom catsup, 2 tablespoonsful
  • mace, ½ of teaspoonful
  • little cayenne (salt, if needed): 10 minutes


Wash and soak the hare thoroughly, wipe it very dry, cut it down into joints dividing the largest, flour and brown it slightly in butter with some bits of lean ham, pour to them by degrees a pint and a half of gravy, and stew the hare very gently from an hour and a half to two hours: when it is about one third done add the very thin rind of half a large lemon, and ten minutes before it is served stir to it a large dessertspoonful of rice-flour, smoothly mixed with two tablespoonsful of good mushroom catsup, a quarter of a teaspoonful or more of mace, and something less of cayenne. This is an excellent plain receipt for stewing a hare; but the dish may be enriched with forcemeat (No. 1) rolled into small balls, and simmered for ten minutes in the stew, or fried and added to it after it is dished; a higher seasoning of spice, a couple of glasses of port wine, with a little additional thickening and a tablespoonful of lemon-juice, will all serve to give it a heightened relish.