Mr. Arnott’s Currie-Powder


  • Turmeric, eight ounces*
  • Coriander seed, four ounces
  • Cummin seed, two ounces
  • Fœnugreek seed, two ounces
  • Cayenne, half an ounce. (More or less of this last to the taste.)


Let the seeds be of the finest quality. Dry them well, pound, and sift them separately through a lawn sieve, then weigh, and mix them in the above proportions. This is an exceedingly agreeable and aromatic powder, when all the ingredients are perfectly fresh and good, but the preparing is rather a troublesome process. Mr. Arnott recommends that when it is considered so, a “high-caste” chemist should be applied to for it.

* We think it would be an improvement to diminish by two ounces the proportion of turmeric, and to increase that of the coriander seed; but we have not tried it.