Curried Maccaroni


  • Ribband maccaroni, 6 oz.: 15 to 18 minutes.
  • gravy, or good beef or Veal stock, full pint and
  • fine currie-powder, 1 small tablespoonful
  • arrow-root, 1 teaspoonful
  • little lemon-juice: 20 minutes. Maccaroni in sauce, 3 to 6 minutes.


Boil six ounces of ribband maccaroni for fifteen minutes, in water slightly salted, with a very small bit of butter dissolved in it; drain it perfectly, and then put it into a full pint and a quarter of good beef or veal stock or gravy, previously mixed and boiled for twenty minutes, with a small tablespoonful of fine currie-powder, a teaspoonful of arrowroot, and a little lemon-juice. Heat and toss the maccaroni gently in this until it is well and equally covered with it. A small quantity of rich cream, or a little béchamel, will very much improve the sauce, into which it should be stirred just before the maccaroni is added, and the lemon-juice should be thrown in afterwards. This dish is, to our taste, far better without the strong flavouring of onion or garlic, usually given to curries; which can, however, be imparted to the gravy in the usual way, when it is liked.

Obs.An ounce or two of grated cocoa-nut, simmered in the gravy for half an hour or more, then strained and well pressed from it, is always an excellent addition. The pipe maccaroni, well curried, is extremely good: the sauce for both kinds should be made with rich gravy, especially when the onion is omitted. A few drops of eschalot-vinegar can be added to it when the flavour is liked.