Potted Anchovies


  • Anchovies pounded, 3 oz.
  • butter, 6 oz.
  • mace, third of teaspoonful
  • half as much cayenne
  • little nutmeg.


Scrape the anchovies very clean, raise the flesh from the bones, and pound it to a perfect paste in a Wedgwood or marble mortar; then with the back of a wooden spoon press it through a hair-sieve reversed. Next, weigh the anchovies, and pound them again with double their weight of the freshest butter that can be procured, a high seasoning of mace and cayenne, and a small quantity of finely-grated nutmeg; set the mixture by in a cool place for three or four hours to harden it before it is put into the potting pans. If butter be poured over, it must be only lukewarm; but the anchovies will keep well for two or three weeks without. A very small portion of rose-pink may be added to improve the colour, but unless it be sparingly used, it will impart a bitter flavour to the preparation. The quantity of butter can be increased or diminished in proportion as it is wished that the flavour of the anchovies should prevail.