Moulded Potted Meat or Fish

For the second course


Press very closely and smoothly into a pan or mould the potted ham, or any other meat, of the present chapter, pour a thin layer of clarified butter on the top, and let it become quite cold. When wanted for table, wind round it for a moment a cloth which has been dipped into hot water, loosen the meat gently from it with a thin knife, turn it on to a dish, and glaze it lightly; lay a border of small salad round it, with or without a decoration of hard eggs, or surround it instead with clear savoury jelly cut in dice. The meat, for variety, may be equally sliced, and laid regularly round a pile of small salad. A very elegant second course dish may be made with potted lobsters in this way, the centre being ornamented with a small shape of lobster butter.