Dressed Cucumbers

Author’s Receipt


  • Cucumbers, 2 or 3
  • salt, 1 to 2 saltspoonful
  • little cayenne
  • oil, 6 to 8 tablespoonsful
  • chili vinegar, or equal parts of this and common vinegar, 2 to 4 tablespoonsful.


Cut into lengths of an inch or rather more, one or two freshly gathered cucumbers, take off the rind, and then pare them round and round into thin ribbons, until the watery part is reached:—this is to be thrown aside. When all are done, sprinkle them with cayenne and fine salt, and leave them to drain a little; then arrange them lightly in a clean dish, and sauce them with very fine oil, well mixed with chili vinegar, or with equal parts of chili and of common vinegar.

Obs.—When the flavour of eschalots is much liked, a teaspoonful or more of the vinegar in which they have been steeped or pickled may be added to this dish.