Common Mutton Pie


  • Flour, lb.
  • minced suet rather less than ½ lb.
  • or, butter, 4 oz.,
  • and very pure lard, 2 or 3 oz.
  • mutton, 2 lbs.
  • salt, ¾ oz.
  • pepper, half to a whole teaspoonful
  • water, ¼ pint: 1¼ hour.


A pound and a quarter of flour will make sufficient paste for a moderate-sized pie, and two pounds of mutton freed from the greater portion of the fat will fill it. Butter a dish and line it with about half the paste rolled thin; lay in the mutton evenly, and sprinkle over it three-quarters of an ounce of salt, and from half to a whole teaspoonful of pepper according to the taste; pour in cold water to within an inch of the brim. Roll the cover, which should be quite half an inch thick, to the size of the dish; wet the edges of the paste with cold water or white of egg, be careful to close them securely, cut them off close to the rim of the dish, stick the point of the knife through the centre, and bake the pie an hour and a quarter in a well-heated oven.