Patties a la Pontife


Baked moderate oven, 12 to 15 minutes.


  • Yolks hard-boiled eggs, 6
  • truffles, 2 large
  • seasoning of salt, mace, nutmeg, and cayenne
  • cream, or béchamel maigre, 1 tablespoonful, or clarified butter, 1 dessertspoonful


Mince, but not very small, the yolks of six fresh hard-boiled eggs; mince also and mix with them a couple of fine truffles,* a large saltspoonful of salt, half the quantity of mace and nutmeg, and a fourth as much of cayenne. Moisten these ingredients with a spoonful of thick cream, or béchamel maigre, or with a dessertspoonful of clarified butter; line the patty-moulds, fill them with the mixture, cover, and bake them from twelve to fifteen minutes in a moderate oven. They are excellent made with the cream-crust.

Obs.—A spoonful or two of jellied stock or gravy, or of good white sauce, converts these into admirable patties: the same ingredients make also very superior rolls or cannelons. For Patties à la Cardinale, small mushroom-buttons stewed as for partridges, Chapter XIII., before they are minced, must be substituted for truffles; and the butter in which they are simmered should be added with them to the eggs

* The bottled ones will answer well for these.