Author’s Receipt


  • Of a fresh-boiled ox-tongue, or inside of roasted sirloin, 1 lb.
  • Stoned raisins and minced apples, each 2 lbs.
  • currants and fine Lisbon sugar, each lbs.
  • candied orange, lemon or citron rind, 8 to 16 oz.
  • boiled lemons, 2 large
  • rinds of two others, grated
  • salt, ½ oz.
  • nutmegs, 2 small
  • pounded mace, 1 large teaspoonful, and rather more of ginger
  • good sherry or Madeira, ½ pint
  • brandy, ½ pint.


To one pound of an unsalted ox-tongue, boiled tender and cut free from the rind, add two pounds of fine stoned raisins, two of beef kidney-suet, two pounds and a half of currants, well cleaned and dried, two of good apples, two and a half of Fine Lisbon sugar, from half to a whole pound of candied peel according to the taste, the grated rinds of two large lemons, and two more boiled quite tender, and chopped up entirely, with the exception of the pips, two small nutmegs, half an ounce of salt, a large teaspoonful of pounded mace, rather more of ginger in powder, half a pint of brandy, and as much good sherry or Madeira. Mince these ingredients separately, and mix the others all well before the brandy and the wine are added; press the whole into a jar or jars, and keep it closely covered. It should be stored for a few days before it is used, and will remain good for many weeks. Some persons like a slight flavouring of cloves in addition to the other spices; others add the juice of two or three lemons, and a larger quantity of brandy. The inside of a tender and well-roasted sirloin of beef will answer quite as well as the tongue.

Obs.—The lemons will be sufficiently boiled in from one hour to one and a quarter.