An Omlette Soufflée. Second Course Remove of Roast.*


  • Eggs, 6
  • sugar, 4 tablespoonsful
  • rind, ½ lemon
  • butter, 4 oz.:
  • omlet baked, 5 to 10 minutes.


Separate, as they are broken, the whites from the yolks of six fine fresh eggs; beat these last thoroughly, first by themselves and then with four tablespoonsful of dry, white sifted sugar, and the rind of half a lemon grated on a fine grater. Whisk the whites to a solid froth, and just before the omlet is poured into the pan, mix them well, but lightly, with the yolks. Put four ounces of fresh butter into a very small delicately clean omlet or frying pan, and as soon as it is all dissolved, add the eggs and stir them round that they may absorb it entirely. When the under side is just set, turn the omlet into a well-buttered dish, and send it to a tolerably brisk oven. From five to ten minutes will bake it; and it must be served the instant it is taken out; carried, indeed, as quickly as possible to table from the oven. It will have risen to a great height, but will sink and become heavy in a very short space of time: if sugar be sifted over it, let it be done with the utmost expedition.

Obs.—This omlette may be served on a layer of apricot-marmalade, which must be spread over the dish in which it is to be baked, and sent to table before the omlette is turned into it.

* Served also as an entremels.