Croquettes of Rice




  • Rice, 7 oz.
  • milk, 1 quart
  • rind of lemon: ¾ hour.
  • Sugar, 5 oz.
  • bitter almonds, 6:, 40 to 60 minutes, or more. Fried, 5 to 7 minutes.


Wipe very clean, in a dry cloth, seven ounces of rice, put it into a clean stew-pan, and pour on it a quart of new milk; let it swell gently by the side of the fire, and stir it often that it may not stick to the pan, nor burn; when it is about half done, stir to it five ounces of pounded sugar, and six bitter almonds beaten extremely fine: the thin rind of half a fresh lemon may be added in the first instance. The rice must be simmered until it is soft, and very thick and dry; it should then be spread on a dish, and left until cold, when it is to be rolled into small balls, which must be dipped into beaten egg, and then covered in every part with the finest bread-crumbs. When all are ready, fry them a light brown in fresh butter, and dry them well before the fire, upon a sieve reversed and covered with a very soft cloth, or with a sheet of white blotting paper. Pile them in a hot dish, and send them to table quickly.