Boiled Rice to be Served with Stewed Fruits, Preserves or Raspberry Vinegar

Carolina rice, ½ lb.: boiled 1 hour. 4 oz.: ¾ hour.


Take out the discoloured grains from half a pound of good rice; and wash it in several waters; tie it very loosely in a pudding cloth, put it into cold water; heat it slowly, and boil it for quite an hour, it will then be quite solid and resemble a pudding in appearance. Sufficient room must be given to allow the grain to swell to its full size, or it will be hard; but too much space will render the whole watery. With a little experience, the cook will easily ascertain the exact degree to be allowed for it. four ounces of rice will require quite three quarters of an hour’s boiling; a little more or less of time will sometimes be needed, from the difference of quality in the grain. It should be put into an abundant quantity of water, which should be cold, and then very slowly heated.