Poached Eggs with Gravy (Entremets)

Œufs Pochés au Jus


Dress the eggs as above, giving them as good an appearance as possible, lay them into a very hot dish, and sauce them with some rich, clear, boiling veal gravy, or with some Espagnole. Each egg, for variety, may be dished upon a crouton of bread cut with a fluted paste-cutter, and fried a pale brown: the sauce should then be poured round, not over them.

Poaching is the best mode of dressing a swan’s egg,* as it renders it more than any other delicate in flavour: it is usually served on a bed of spinach. Only the eggs of quite young swans are suited to the table: one is sufficient for a dish. It may be laid on a large crouton of fried bread, and sauced with highly flavoured gravy, or with tomata-sauce well seasoned with eschalots.

* We fear that want of space must compel us to omit some other receipts for swans eggs, which we had prepared for this chapter.