Compôte of Peaches


  • Sugar, 5 oz.
  • water, pint.10 minutes.
  • Peaches, 6: 18 to 20 minutes.


Pare half a dozen ripe peaches, and stew them very softly from eighteen to twenty minutes, keeping them often turned in a light syrup, made with five ounces of sugar, and half a pint of water boiled together for ten minutes. Dish the fruit; reduce the syrup by quick boiling, pour it over the peaches, and serve them hot for a second-course dish, or cold for dessert. They should be quite ripe, and will be found delicious dressed thus. a little lemon-juice may be added to the syrup, and the blanched kernels of two or three peach or apricot stones.

Obs.—Nectarines, without being pared, may be dressed in the same way, but will require to be stewed somewhat longer, unless they be quite ripe.