An Excellent Trifle


  • Macaroons and ratifias, Β½ lb.
  • wine and brandy mixed, ΒΌ pint
  • rich boiled custard, 1 pint
  • whipped syllabub
  • light froth to cover the whole, short Β½ pint of cream and milk mixed
  • sugar, dessertspoonful
  • wine, Β½ glassful.


Take equal parts of wine and brandy, about a wineglassful of each, or two-thirds of good sherry or Madeira, and one of spirit, and soak in the mixture four sponge-biscuits, and half a pound of macaroons and ratifias; cover the bottom of the trifle-dish with part of these, and pour upon them a full pint of rich boiled custard made with three-quarters of a pint, or rather more, of milk and cream taken in equal portions, and six eggs; and sweetened, flavoured and thickened by the receipt; lay the remainder of the soaked cakes upon it, and pile over the whole, to the depth of two or three inches, the whipped syllabub, previously well drained; then sweeten and flavour slightly with wine only, less than half a pint of thin cream (or of cream and milk mixed); wash and wipe the whisk, and whip it to the lightest possible froth: take it off with a skimmer and heap it gently over the trifle.