Currant Blanc-Mange


  • Clear juice of red currant, ¾ pint
  • isinglass, oz.
  • sugar, 9 oz.
  • cream, ¾ pint.


In three-quarters of a pint of clear currant-juice, drawn from the fruit as for jelly, and strained, dissolve an ounce and a half of isinglass; add nine ounces of sugar broken small, give the whole a boil, strain it, and stir it by slow degrees to three-quarters of a pint of thick cold cream; when it is less than milk-warm pour it into the moulds. The proportions of juice and cream can be varied to the taste, and a portion of raspberries or strawberries added to the currants. Black currants would, we think, make an agreeable variety of this blanc-mange for persons who like their peculiar flavour, but we have not tried them.