German Puffs

20 minutes, slow oven.


  • Jordan almonds, 2 oz.
  • bitter almonds, 6
  • eggs, whites, 3—yolks, 6
  • cream, ½ pint
  • butter, 4 oz.
  • sugar, 2 oz.
  • brandy, cuirasseau, or orange-flower water, ½ wineglassful (or little lemon-brandy):


Pound to a perfectly smooth paste two ounces of Jordan almonds and six bitter ones; mix with them, by slow degrees, the yolks of six, and the whites of three eggs. Dissolve in half a pint of rich cream, four ounces of fresh butter, and two of fine sugar; pour these hot to the eggs, stirring them briskly together, and when the mixture has become cool, flavour it with half a glass of brandy, of cuirasseau, or of orange-flower water; or, in lieu of either, with a little lemon-brandy. Butter some cups thickly, and strew into them a few slices of candied citron, or orange-rind; pour in the mixture, and bake the puffs twenty minutes, in a slow oven.