Arocē Docē

Or Sweet Rice, a la Portugaise


  • Rice, 8 oz.
  • milk, 3 pints: 30 minutes.
  • Sugar, 8 oz.: 1 hour or more.
  • Pounded almonds, 2 oz,
  • cinnamon, 1 teaspoonful.


Wash thoroughly, then drain, and wipe dry in a soft cloth, half a pound of the best Carolina rice. Pour to it three pints of new milk, and when it has gently stewed for half an hour, add eight ounces of sugar broken into small lumps, let it boil until it is dry and tender, and when it is nearly so, stir to it two ounces of blanched almonds, chopped* or pounded. Turn the rice when done into shallow dishes or soup plates, and shake it until the surface is smooth; then sift over it rather thickly through a muslin, some freshly-powdered cinnamon, which will give it the appearance of a baked pudding. Serve it cold. It will remain good for several days. This is quite the best sweet preparation of rice that we have ever eaten, and it is a very favourite dish in Portugal, whence the receipt was derived. One or two bitter almonds, pounded with the sweet ones, might a little improve its flavour, and a few spoonsful of rich cream could occasionally be substituted for a small portion of the milk, but it should not be added until the preparation is three parts done.

Obs—The rice must be frequently stirred while boiling, particularly after it begins to thicken; and it will be better not to add the entire quantity of milk at first, as from a quarter to half a pint less will sometimes prove sufficient. The grain should be thoroughly tender, but dry and unbroken.

* The Portuguese use them not very finely chopped.