Buttered Cherries

Cerises au Beurre


  • Bread, 4 oz.
  • butter, oz.
  • Cherries, 1 lb.
  • butter, , oz.:10 minutes.
  • Sugar, 4 oz
  • water, ½ pint: 15 minutes.


Cut four ounces of the crumb of a stale loaf into dice, and fry them a light brown in an ounce and a half of fresh butter; take them up, pour the butter from the pan, and put in another ounce and a half; to this add a pound of Kentish cherries without their stalks, and when they are quite warmed through, strew in amongst them four ounces of sugar, and keep the whole well turned over a moderate fire; pour in gradually half a pint of hot water, and in fifteen minutes the cherries will be tender Lay the fried bread into a hot dish, pour the cherries on it, and serve them directly.

Obs.—Black-heart cherries may be used for this dish instead of Kentish ones: it is an improvement to stone the fruit. We think our readers generally would prefer to the above Morella cherries stewed from five to seven minutes, in syrup (made by boiling five ounces of sugar in half pint of water, for a quarter of an hour), and poured hot on the fried bread. Two pounds of the fruit, when it is stoned, will be required for a full-sized dish.