Sweet Macaroni

¾ to 1 hour, or more.


  • New milk, pint
  • pipe macaroni, 4 oz.
  • strips of lemon-rind or cinnamon
  • sugar,2 to 3 oz.:


Drop gently into a pint and a half of new milk, when it is boiling fast, four ounces of fine pipe macaroni, add a grain or two of salt, and some thin strips of lemon or orange rind: cinnamon can be substituted for these when preferred. Simmer the macaroni by a gentle fire until it is tolerably tender, then add from two to three ounces of sugar broken small, and boil it till the pipes are soft, and swollen to their full size; drain, and arrange it in a hot dish; stir the milk quickly to the well-beaten yolks of three large, or of four small eggs, shake them round briskly over the fire until they thicken, pour them over the macaroni and serve it immediately; or instead of the eggs, heat and sweeten some very rich cream, pour it on the drained macaroni, and dust finely-powdered cinnamon over through a muslin, or strew it thickly with crushed macaroons. For variety, cover it with the German sauce, milled to a light troth.