To Pickle Beet-Root


  • To each quart of vinegar, salt, 1 teaspoon
  • cayenne tied in muslin, Β½ saltspoonful, or white peppercorns, Β½ to whole oz.


Boil the beet-root tender by the directions, and when it is quite cold, pare and slice it; put it into a jar, and cover it with vinegar previously boiled and allowed to become again perfectly cold; it will soon be ready for use. It is excellent when merely covered with chili vinegar. A few small shalots may be boiled in the pickle for it when their flavour is liked. Carrots boiled tolerably tender in salt and water may be prepared by this receipt with or without the addition of the shalots, or with a few very small silver onions, which should be boiled for a minute or two in the pickle: this should be poured hot on the carrots.