Banbury Cakes

Baked 25 to 30 minutes.


  • Currants, 1 lbs.
  • beef-suet, 4 oz.
  • candied orange and lemon-rind each, 3 oz.
  • salt, small pinch
  • mixed spices, ¼ oz.
  • macaroons or ratafias, 4 oz.:


First, mix well together a pound of currants, cleaned with great nicety and dried, a quarter-pound of beef suet, finely minced, three ounce each of candied orange and lemon-rind, shred, small, a few grains of salt, a full quarter-ounce of pounded cinnamon and nutmeg mixed, and four ounces of macaroons or ratafias rolled to powder. Next, make a light paste with fourteen ounces of butter to the pound of flour; give it an extra turn or two to prevent its rising too much in the oven; roll out one half in a very thin square, and spread the mixed fruit and spice equally upon it; moisten the edges, lay on the remaining half of the paste, rolled equally thin, press the edges securely together, mark the whole with the back of a knife in regular divisions of two inches wide and three in length, bake the pastry in a well-heated oven from twenty-five to thirty minutes, and divide it into cakes while it is still warm. They may be served as a second course dish either hot or cold, and may be glazed at pleasure.