A Good Soda Cake

1 to 1½ hour. Or: divided in two, ½ to ¾ hour.


  • Flour, 1 lbs.
  • butter, ½ lbs.
  • sugar, ½ lbs.
  • boiling milk, full ¼ pint
  • eggs, 3
  • currants, ½ lbs.
  • good carbonate of soda, 1 very small teaspoonful:


Break down half a pound* of fresh butter into a pound of fine dry flour, and work it into very small crumbs; mix well with these half a pound of sifted sugar, and pour to them first, a quarter of a pint of boiling milk, and next, three well-whisked eggs; add some grated nutmeg, or fresh lemon-rind, and eight ounces of currants, cleaned and dried; beat the whole well and lightly together, then strew in a very small teaspoonful of good carbonate of soda in the finest powder, which has been rubbed through a sieve and well mixed with a little sugar, and again beat the cake well and lightly for three or four minutes; put it into a buttered mould, and bake it from an hour to an hour and a quarter; or divide it in two, when three-quarters of an hour will be sufficient for each part.

Obs.—This, if carefully made, resembles a pound cake, but is much less expensive, and far more wholesome, while it has the advantage of being very expeditiously prepared. Great care, however, must be taken to avoid mixing with it too large a proportion, or a coarse quality of soda; as either will impart to it a far from agreeable flavour.

* six ounces would to many tastes be quite sufficient, and the less butter the cake contains the better.