A Galette

Baked ½ hour.


  • A good galette: flour, 1 lbs.
  • butter, ¾ lbs.
  • salt, 1
  • saltspoonful Yolks of eggs, 2
  • cream, small cupful:

Common galette

  • flour, 2 lbs.
  • butter, ¾ to 1 lbs.
  • no eggs.


The galette is a favourite cake in France, and may be made rich and comparatively delicate, or quite common, by using more or less butter for it, and by augmenting or diminishing the size. Work lightly three-quarters of a pound of good butter into a pound of flour, add a large saltspoonful of salt, and make these into a paste with the yolks of a couple of eggs mixed with a small cupful of good cream, or simply with water; roll this into a complete round, three-quarters of an inch thick; score it in small diamonds, brush yolk of egg over the top, and bake the galette for about half an hour in a tolerably quick oven: it is usually eaten hot, but is served cold also. An ounce of sifted sugar is sometimes added to it.