Plain Dessert or Wine Biscuits, and Ginger Biscuits


Plain biscuits

  • flour 1 lbs.
  • butter, 2 oz.
  • new milk about ½ pint. Ginger biscuits: flour, 2 lbs.
  • butter, 3 oz.
  • sugar, 3 oz.
  • ginger, 2 oz.


Rub very small indeed, two ounces of fresh butter into a pound of flour, and make it into a stiff paste with new milk. Roll it out half an inch thick, and cut the biscuits with a round cutter the size of half-a-crown. Pile them one on the other until all are done; then roll them out very thin, prick them, and lay them on lightly-floured tins, the pricked side downwards: a few minutes will bake them, in a moderate oven. They should be very crisp, and but slightly browned.

For the Ginger Biscuits.—three ounce of good butter, with two pounds of flour, then add three ounce of pounded sugar and two of ginger in fine powder, and knead them into a stiff paste, with new milk. Roll it thin, stamp out the biscuits with a cutter, and bake them in a slow oven until they are crisp quite through, but keep them of a pale colour. A couple of eggs are sometimes mixed with the milk for them, but are no material improvement: an additional ounce of sugar may be used when a sweeter biscuit in liked.