Excellent Soda Buns

15 to 25 minutes, moderate oven.


  • Flour, ½ lbs.
  • butter, 3 oz.
  • sugar, 4 oz.
  • candied orange-rind, 1 oz. or more
  • grated nutmeg
  • cream (or milk) 1 small teacupful
  • egg-yolks 2,
  • white 1
  • good carbonate of soda about the third of a teaspoonful:


Work into half a pound of flour three ounce of butter, until it is quite in crumbs; mix thoroughly with them four ounces of sugar, the slightest pinch of salt, an ounce, or rather more, of candied orange or lemon rind, shred extremely small, and a little grated nutmeg; to these pour boiling a small teacupful of cream, or of milk when this cannot be had; mix them a little, and add immediately two eggs, leaving out the white of one, and when the whole is well mingled, dust over, and beat well into it, less than half a teaspoonful of good carbonate of soda, perfectly free from lumps; rub an oven-tin with butter, drop the buns upon it with a spoon, and send them to a moderate oven. When they are firm to the touch in every part, and well coloured underneath, they are done. They resemble good cakes, if properly made, although in reality they are not rich: to render them so the proportion of sugar and of butter can be increased, and currants added also. It is immaterial, we find, whether they be put into the oven as soon as they are mixed, or an hour afterwards. They are equally light. These proportions make just a dozen of small buns.

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