• Sugar, 6 oz.
  • almonds, 12 oz.


This is a preparation of barley sugar, and almonds, filberts, or pistachio-nuts, or which good confectioners, both foreign and English make a great variety of highly ornamental dishes. We must however, confine our directions to the most common and simple mode of serving it. Blanch twelve ounces of fine Jordan almonds in the usual way, wipe them very dry, split them in halves, and spread them upon tins or dishes; dry them in a very gentle oven, without allowing them to brown; or if the flavour be liked better so, les them be equally coloured to a pale gold tint: they should then be often turned while in the oven. Boil to barley sugar in a small preserving-pan six ounces of highly-refined sugar, throw in the almonds, mix them with it well without breaking them, turn the nougat on to a dish slightly rubbed with oil, spread it out quickly, mark it into squares, and cut it before it is cold; or pour it into a mould, and with an oiled lemon spread it quickly, and very thin over it, and turn it out when cool. It must at all times be carefully preserved from damp; and should be put into a dry tin box as soon as it is cold.

Another and more expeditious way of making it, is to boil the sugar to caramel without any water, as directed: the proportion of almonds can be diminished at pleasure, but the nougat should always be well filled with them.