Cocoa-Nut Candy


Rasp very fine a sound fresh cocoa-nut, spread it on a dish, sad let it dry naturally for two or three days, as it will not bear the heat of an oven, and is too oily for use when freshly broken, loar ounces of it will be sufficient for a pound of sugar for most taste, but more can be used at pleasure. Boil the sugar as for the orange-flower candy, and when it begins to be very thick and white, strew a the nut, stir and mix it well, and do not quit it for an instant until it is finished. The pan should not be placed upon the fire but over it, as the nut is liable to burn with too fierce a heat.

For almond-candy proceed in exactly the same way, but let the almonds, either whole or split, be perfectly well dried in a gent oven, and do not throw them into the sugar until it approaches the candying point.