Chocolate Drops


Throw into a well heated metal mortar from two to four ounces of the best quality of cake-chocolate broken small, and pound it with a warm pestle until it resembles a smooth paste or very thick batter; then add an equal weight of sugar in the finest powder, and beat them until they are thoroughly blended. Roll the mixture into small balk, lay them upon sheets of writing paper or upon clean dishes, and take them off when they are nearly cold. The tops may be covered with white nonpareil comfits, or the drops may be shaken in a paper containing some of these, and entirely encrusted with them; but it must be recollected that they will not adhere to then after they become hard. More or less sugar can be worked into the chocolate according to the taste; and a Wedgewood mortar may be used for it when no other is at hand, but one of but-metal will answer the purpose better.