Oxford Punch


  • Rinds of lemons rubbed with sugar, 3
  • thin peel of lemons, 2
  • of Seville oranges, 2
  • juice of 4 Seville oranges, and 10 lemons: calf’s feet jelly, 6 glasses
  • water, 2 quarts: ¼ hour.
  • Capillaire, 1 bottle
  • White wine, ½ pint
  • French brandy and Jamaica rum, each 1 point
  • orange shrub, 1 bottle.


Extract the essence from the rinds of three lemons by rubbing them with sugar in lumps; put these into a large jug with the peel of two Seville oranges of two lemons cut extremely thin, the juice of four Seville oranges and of ten lemons, and six glasses of calf’s feet jelly in a liquid state. Stir these well together, pour to them two quarts of boiling water, cover the jug closely, and set it near the fire for a quarter of an hour, then strain the mixture through a sieve into a punch bowl or jug, sweeten it with a bottle of capillaire, add half a pint of white wine, a pint of French brandy, a pint of Jamaica rum, and a bottle of orange shrub; stir the punch as the spirit is poured in. If not sufficiently sweet, add sugar in small quantities, or a spoonful or two of capillaire.